Monday, November 14, 2005

A very profound idea--you think of 101 things you want to do in 1001 days (which is 2.75 years roughly). I got the idea from Jesser but check out this link for help making your list. Here is my list and I'll bold them as I complete them.

1. Walk Norton every day for a week.

2. Write down everything I eat for a week. (Yeah, I did this over the summer.)

3. Go back to Weight Watchers (accomplished 11/19/05).

4. Go to WW meetings regularly for 3 months (Went for 6 months. See #5).

5. Lose 50 lbs (Well, I'm down about 11...thats a good start...though I'm now doing it on my own sans WW).

6. Meet a nice guy. (Done.)

7. Give up chocolate--cold turkey--for a week. (I'm rethinking this one...)

8. Become fluent—or more fluent in Hebrew. (Working on it.)

9. Visit another National Park.

10. Move to my own apartment. (Done better--co-bought a house!)

11. Knit my own sweater.

12. Knit alligator mittens.

13. Grow a garden of yummy vegetables. (Done!)

14. Read 25 books (I lost track of this one...I've read many).

15. Travel to a foreign country (Canada doesn't count).

16. Learn how to program html so I can make my blog much cooler!

17. Make potato latkes from scratch.

18. Learn how to make Grandma’s noodle kugel.

19. Learn how to make Mom’s matzah balls.

20. Set up an automatic savings deduction for my ING savings account. (11/16/05)

21. Learn how to sew a button!

22. Make some chocolate lollipops with those cool molds.

23. Finish painting the Regal Duck (an oil painting I started 2 years ago).

24. Begin a new journal. (Done, Jan 07)

25. Write in the journal 4x a week for a month. (Done)

26. Visit Toronto.

27. Visit Chicago.

28. Get an FM modulator to play the iPod through my car stereo (Got a cd adaptor instead!).

29. Visit my grandfather on a weekly basis for a month straight(Rest in peace, Pop Pop.).

30. Go on a road trip out West again.

31. Find someone or some people who want to camp with me and go camping!

32. Visit Washington, DC. (Went in August '06)

33. Visit Baltimore. (Went with Eric, May 6, 2008!)

34. Visit Centralia, PA (the town that has the fire burning underneath it for 50ish years). (Eric is taking me there this May!)

35. Learn to drive stick shift.

36. Have a fondue party when I get my own place. (We're registered for a fondue pot! Hint, hint.)

37. Have some frozen hot chocolate at Serendipity in NY. (Went w/Katie in November '06!)

38. Acquire a garden gnome named David. (Yes! I picked one up at Wegmans!)

39. Visit Wine Country in California.

40. Visit the Pacific Northwest.

41. Bake a pie.

42. Learn to actually play pool. The way I play just isn’t cute but embarrassing.

43. Get a new bike.

44. Visit the Museum of Television and Radio in NYC(done!).

45. Buy a Dyson vacuum for my house.

46. Buy a duvet.

47. Buy or somehow acquire a kitchen table. (Eric has one.)

48. Buy or acquire an entertainment center.

49. Buy or acquire a dresser or two. (We bought a cool armoire at Ikea.)

50. Find a summer job. (I really did try. But I'll try again this summer.)

51. Read the Sunday Star Ledger every Sunday for a month. (This is becoming habit...for obvious reasons.)

52. Get a facial.

53. Get a massage. (Done!)

54. Go back to Omega Institute for some R and R(Went in August!).

55. Learn how to crochet.

56. Learn how to play golf.

57. See David Sedaris live. (Done! March. 07! And I met him too!)

58. Bake challah bread—from scratch. (Done. Twice. Now lets get better at it.)

59. Begin writing a book.

60. Go one month without buying any books. (Yes, I've shown restraint.)

61. Attend a soccer game.

62. Write a cookbook of favorite recipes.

63. Visit Lucy the Elephant in South Jersey.

64. Begin adult Bat Mitzvah classes. (Done)

65. Watch 5 classic movies. (Two down--Breakfast at Tiffany's and Roman Holiday)

66. Finish knitting Grandma’s scarf.

67. Organize my bookshelf. (Done. But messy again.)

68. Take a cute holiday pic of Norton and Pumpkin for Winters Greetings cards.

69. Return all the phone calls I’ve been neglecting to return (sorry, friends). (I think I did this.)

70. Wake up early on a Saturday and attend the Minyan service at temple. (I did this once!)

71. Visit Jaime in Louisiana(Went in December).

72. Go on a photographic road trip. That is, go on a road trip to out-of-the-way places for the sheer joy of picture taking!

73. Organize the computer desk area.

74. Organize my desk.

75. Get something to file paperwork. (Done. And it was a found something in my basement, even better!)

76. Attend an opera.

77. Attend a ballet.

78. Go snowtubing.

79. Visit Austin, Texas.

80. Go an entire day without saying anything negative about anybody else.

81. Go an entire day without saying anything negative about myself.

82. Test drive a MiniCooper.

83. Get my eyebrows waxed on a regular basis (4 times in 6 months)(Yes, did this!).

84. Get a pedicure(Done, more than once!).

85. Go to Tribeca Film Festival.

86. Donate blood.

87. Visit 3 states I have not been to yet (I’ve been to 37).

88. Take a class in wine tasting.

89. Begin flossing on a regular basis. (Done)

90. Build a snowman.

91. Write five good poems.

92. Fall in love. (Happy sigh...done!)

93. Watch five movies I’ve never seen from AFI’s Greatest movies from the last 100 years

94. Watch the Dawson’s creek box sets.

95. Watch the Gilmore Girls box sets.

96. Listen to a record (done).

97. Give up soda for a week. (Done!)

98. Go to a maize maze.

99. Pay off my credit card.

100. Attend a concert at Red Rocks Ampitheatre or the Gorge (namely to see my boys DMB).

101. Begin a new 101 in 1001 on Wednesday, August 13, 2008.


Miss President said...

very cool. I am impressed and challenged at the same time! Best of luck on your adventures!

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Bianca said...

Hm, I should make a list like that. But I'm afraid 101 things would totally overwhlem me. Maybe I'll start with 50.